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Vitamin ADEK

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After years of using vitamins A, D, E and K as individual supplementation, we have found a synergestic formula that is more effective.

Vitamin D3 is activated by vitamins A and K, specifically vitamin A as retinyl and vitamin K in K1 and K2-7. Because these are anti-oxidants, there needs to be an oil that keeps the product stable. Most anti-oxidants are ruined on exposure to oxygen, or opening the bottle just once because they don't have protective oils. Also, all of these products are fat soluble.


Doctor's Optimum Vitamin ADEK has a stable oil in tocotrienols and high gamma mixed tocopherols to stabilize, deliver and activate the combination for maximum effect. The means you can take less vitamin D and have a better response.


If you take vitamin D and your D levels continue to be low, consider a combination supplement or call our office to learn more about our genetic program.