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Ubiquinol Cardiovascular Support (CoQ-10 activated molecule)

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Ubiquinol Cardio Boost & Support 


Why Ubiquinol and not Co-Q10? 

Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ-10) is an oil-soluble vitamin-like substance that is found primarily in our cells where we make energy. Since 95% of the body’s energy is converted in the presence of ubiquinol, the organs with the highest energy expenditure require the highest amount, such as the kidney, liver and, more importantly, the heart.  

 When you take CoQ-10, it has to undergo a process to become biologically active. This active form is known as ubiquinol. As we age, we begin to lose the ability to convert CoQ-10 to ubiquinone and also utilize ubiquinone. Because this nutrient plays an important role in antioxidant, energy and cardiovascular function, it is especially important for anti-aging and for those with cardiovascular conditions. 

Why Doctor’s Optimum Ultra Ubiquinol Cardiovascular Support? 

Doctor’s Optimum provides a soft gel containing 100mg of natural ubiquinol in a self-assembling nano-colloid system enhanced technology system known as VESIsorb. This allows ubiquinonol to be absorbed past the cellular wall allowing better absorption. This association provides a uniform droplet that brings the biological ubiquinol into the cells. 

Doctor’s Optimum Ultra Ubiquinol also adds vitamin E with mixed alpha tocopherols to help stabilize the ubiquinol and keep it a working product from when you open it, until you finish the bottle. Most CoQ-10 and ubiquinol products do not have this and could become oxidized and thus useless for consumption. 

Please note: The FDA has not approved ubiquinol for the treatment of any medical condition. It should not be taken by those people taking Warfarin.  

Recommended Daily Use: 1 pill daily