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Immunity Total Support Program 60-day

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Immunity Total Support Program 60-day

There are several reasons why someone would want to be on an immunity program for an extended amount of time. Children, and individuals in their golden years, have a decreased immune system and a more difficult time warding off infections. Those who have careers that keep them from home, travel that continuously changes time zones, poor diets, are often in crowded environments and many types of stress can lower the immune system. Those who have had chronic illness and/or autoimmunity should be on this program.

Immunity Total Support Program 60-day provides the basis for immunity with Doctor’s Optimum Probiotic, guaranteed to pass through the stomach and has beneficial bacteria to jump start your immune system as nearly 70% of this system resides in the gut. It also includes Doctor’s Optimum Vitamin D3, the active form of D in a liquid fat as vitamin D is fat soluble and requires fat for absorption. Vitamin D is actually a hormone and is one of the master regulators of the immune system.

In addition to these products, the Plus program also adds:

  • Doctor’s Optimum Complete Immune Support, a high-end concentrate oregano oil, capsulated to make it past the stomach without irritation and be properly presented to the gut immune system for support.
    Doctor’s Optimum Complete EFA is also included because anti-inflammatory oils are beneficial to the immune system and also paramount in managing autoimmune conditions and allergies.
  • Doctor’s Optimum Whey Protein Isolate is the final part of the plus system as the isolate protein is higher in proteins that supports both detoxification and immunity as well as recovery for when you feel good enough to exercise and support you if you already do.


Recommended Use:

  • Doctor’s Optimum Probiotic –2 pills
  • Doctor’s Optimum Vitamin D3 – 10 drops
  • Doctor’s Optimum Complete Immune Support – 1 pill
  • Doctor’s Optimum Complete EFA – 2 pills
  • Doctor’s Optimum Whey Protein Isolate *– 1 scoop

*Not Pictured


Don't feel you need all the support but some of the products? Use Immune Support Plus or Immune Support Programs.


Recommended Daily Use Immune +:

Doctor’s Optimum Probiotic–2 pills

Doctor’s Optimum Vitamin D3 – 10 drops

Doctor’s Optimum Complete Immune Support – 1 pill

Recommended Daily Use Immune Program:

Doctor’s Optimum Probiotic–2 pills

Doctor’s Optimum Vitamin D3 – 10 drops


About Doctor’s Optimum

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We know that allergies are a serious concern for many of our customers. You can be assured that all Doctor’s Optimum products are free of gluten, soy, dairy, corn, yeast, wheat, sodium, sugar, starch, artificial flavoring and are notgenetically modified foods (GMOs).

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