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The Roadmap to a Healthier You

My patients often ask me, “what do you do or take to stay healthy?”

My simple answer is “I do a lot of things.” But for the sake of this article, I’ve narrowed it down to my top recommendations.

In all my research, findings, testing and examinations, hands down the best tip for wellness, longevity and anti-aging is blood sugar handling. What makes blood sugar go up? Most people understand desserts, soda, pastries, candies and putting granulated sugar in a warm drink are all culprits. But, there are many other sources. If you didn’t know, pastas, grains, starchy vegetables such as potatoes and squash, and even some fruits, are actually high in sugar raising your blood sugar levels and decline your health and longevity. In short, limit sugar intake.

Next, you have to move. Sitting in an office or running errands doesn’t increase your heart rate and profuse your brain, feet and intestines with life-promoting blood. The best motion isn’t running, biking, or cross-fit. It’s actually high-intensity training and can be completed in about five minutes a day. It gets the heart rate up and sends blood to the depths of the brain for central nervous system support. But what if you are injured, incapable of motion? You have options through assisted motion, water aerobics, and devices often found in therapist offices so you can get your heart rate up.

These are the two things I do outside the office to keep me going. But what I want is health, longevity, and anti-aging. So I’ve spent the past five years learning what adds to preservation of life, what the research says we should be doing, and of course, doing it myself.

While nearly each published paper I have read incorporates blood sugar and exercise as the beginning of anti-aging and longevity, there is also a common thread on nutrition that must be incorporated to preserve life.

As we age, each cell, other then nervous cells, divides. Each time, the cells divide a piece of the chromosome, a part of the DNA called the telomere, gets reduced. Once it is reduced to a certain point, it can no longer divide. Should you have billions of cells at this level, this equates to the end of life.

Luckily, there are nutritional products that preserve telomere function and now there is a blood test that shows your telomere lengths and if what you are currently incorporating for your anti-aging is actually working, or if you’re cutting your health, and telomeres, short.

At Doctor’s Optimum we have taken the best nutritional options and created two options, Anti-aging and Longevity program and Anti-aging and Longevity + program.

The best advice is take action and responsibility for your health. Start with reducing your sugar intake, get active, and understand what nutrients your body needs to live the life you want.